Baa Baa Black Sheep...

Lyn. 28. Gender Neutral. Cosplayer.

Loves Takarazuka, Final Fantasy VII, X-Japan, Kaori Yuki manga, Young Avengers, Thor, Gen 1 My Little Pony, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Rose of Versailles, The Hobbit, etc.

Obsessed with Haruno Sumire, Yuzuki Reon, Ouki Kaname, Yoshiki, Cloud Strife, Cain Hargreaves, Utena Tenjou


And here’s some Rika in horrible blonde wigs from Le Bolero Rouge.

I made these screencaps for LJ and figured I’d share them over here on tumblr as well. I know new-vogue-ravyn thinks she’s cute in them but I still cringe every time. XD