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Lyn. 28. Gender Neutral. Cosplayer.

Loves Takarazuka, Final Fantasy VII, X-Japan, Kaori Yuki manga, Young Avengers, Thor, Gen 1 My Little Pony, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Rose of Versailles, The Hobbit, etc.

Obsessed with Haruno Sumire, Yuzuki Reon, Ouki Kaname, Yoshiki, Cloud Strife, Cain Hargreaves, Utena Tenjou


I have a dinner on Monday, but I have no idea what time (because they didn’t tell me and I need to go to get my cords hahaha thanks for that).
Oh dear O_o lol Well I guess maybe I should wait til I have a not so crazy schedule. Its just…hard cause I want to watch it with you all. XD

Possible Napoleon Stream?

Sooooo my schedule is going to be kinda crazy this week and next but I still want to try to fit a Napoleon stream in there somewhere. XD This weekend I’m at a con (and so I’ll sadly miss myheartbeatscreams’ stream of REON2 but glad she’s doing it since I can’t fit in 2 streams right now) but I do have Monday off after it.

I’m working 9-5 (gasp normal work hours? lol) every day after that for pretty much a week straight since my boss is on vacation and so I’m in charge during that time (ugh). lol So I’d prefer to do it Mon as the other days I might be too dead but can do it one of those days after I get off if people prefer.

So any interest for next Mon at like 7pm ish? Or should I wait til my schedule goes back to normal? What say you all?


Osa: [blatantly checks out Fuu-chan]

Yuu: Gosh this floor is interesting. I’m so glad nobody is stealing my fiancee’s heart at this very moment.



MOZART!; Osa and O-Hana reunited in a show (that is not Zuka-related ~ i.e.: the Elisabeth OG Gala Concert doesn’t count for me! :Q).  Also with Kouju Tatsuki. [ref]