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Lost Already...



I’m trying to figure out my routes while in Japan and I’m so lost already just trying to figure out how to get to the right stations and I’m scared I’m writing down the wrong information and god I’m about to cry…T_T

My main issue is trying to figure out how to get…

Oh sweet! Well hey I don’t know what hours you work but could always say hi after you get off work on Tues/Wed if you’re not sick of me after Mon lol

Thanks everyone XD I think I figured it out. I just got confused cause I didn’t realize Google was showing me several different possible routes and I read it all as one huge route that didn’t make sense.

Now I see its just a bunch of little routes I can take and they all don’t take long at all. Phew! Sorry I’m not used to maps and I also don’t feel good so I kinda panicked. ^^;;

It might be worth to check on the Theatre sites for access information instead of Google Maps, since they usually provide you with the name of the nearest station and a small map of the surroudnings ^^
I tried that too…see I’ve figured out the stations I need to get to but not HOW to get to those stations from my hotel. Like I have directions from the Hibiya station to get to the Tokyo theater but I seem to get lost trying to figure out how to get from Akasaka to Hibiya.
Same with the Galaxy Theater. I know I need to get to Tennozu Isle station but not how.

Lost Already…


I’m trying to figure out my routes while in Japan and I’m so lost already just trying to figure out how to get to the right stations and I’m scared I’m writing down the wrong information and god I’m about to cry…T_T

My main issue is trying to figure out how to get anywhere from my hotel in Tokyo to the theaters I need to get to. Google maps is very confusing me and seems to imply I need to walk a pretty long distance no matter what route I take. My hotel is in Akasaka-Mitsuke, right next to the station of the same name and I’m trying to figure out how to get to Tennozu Isle station on the 12th and 13th and then to the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater on the 15th (which I thought that would at least be easy? But it seems to be telling me to get off at Ginza and then walk 30 minutes back the way I came? O_o)

WHY IS TOKYO SO BLOODY CONFUSING??? I was able to figure out my Osaka routes fine. *huffs*

EDIT: …doh. Ok I think I was reading it wrong the first time. I didn’t realize I was looking at multiple routes, not just one gigantic route. ^^;; I THINK I have a better idea now. Its like a few minutes of walking, not 30 like I first thought it was saying…I think. I suck at reading maps.

omg I was totally freaking out today wondering where my tickets were. Cause with EMS tracking, they should have been here today and I was all “omg why hasn’t the mailman come yet, are they stuck in customs omg nooooooooo”

…..and then remembered today is a holiday here. Which means no mail. Duh.

This is the problem about working in retail. Because I work on holidays (except Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter) so to met its just another work day XD



Non stop growing enthusiasm  (^^) - Sou san

Flower trousers and to hell with white. I love how Sou did her own thing :)




how do i get into takarazuka more?

You will need giant piles of cash which you will need to buy extremely expensive DVDs and slightly more reasonably priced magazines.

more specifically i’d like to know:
how do i keep up with actors, how do i learn to identify them all and what troupes they’re in,

Usually people new to Takarazuka peruse a couple of shows until they spot a person (or group of people) they like. Then they focus primarily on that troupe until they get to know those people really well. Once you’ve got them down you either start paying a little more attention to other troupes or your favorite actress gets transferred and you have no choice but to learn a new troupe.

This will make you rage.

Seriously though the biggest hurdle you’re going to encounter is the fact that the actresses have stage names that are often never used. (For example almost no one calls “Sagiri Seina” by her stage name. They all call her Chigi.). It’s quite frustrating in the beginning. You can also buy a Takarazuka “Otome” which is like their year book which features photos of all the current actresses and information on them like their debut year, nicknames, hobbies, etc.

where can i find a schedule of all future plays (is takawiki the only one?),

The TakaWiki is probably your best bet (even though it can also be intimidating at first). You can also use the official Hankyu webpage if you are more comfortable with Japanese.

what are some of the bigger plays from the past?

Elisabeth, Me and My Girl, Nova Bossa Nova, Rose of Versailles, Phantom, Gone With the Wind, Romeo and Juliette, Akanesasu Murasakino Hana and Ephemeral Love all tend to get resurrected now and then.

does anyone know more about the black jack play from 2013? there wasn’t a dvd of it, but is it going to reoccur?

It probably won’t be done again (at least not any time soon). There was no DVD of it but it did air on the Takarazuka channel (It’s called “Sky Stage”) so there is video of it.

and finally, is the rose of versailles set of plays really just seperated into fersen & marie antoinette’s stories and seperately, oscar and andre’s? 

Mostly. They did play around with doing “side stories” that involved other characters like Alain and Girodelle in 2009 but those were pretty crappy.

also someone please be my takarazuka friend i have no one to talk to seriously indepth about the actors or takarazuka in general TT

There are plenty of people here on Tumblr and over on the forum who I’m sure would be willing to help you out. (The forum is probably the easier place for people to answer questions since Tumblr’s not so good for text based stuff).

Good luck!

Also reblogging just to pass along the info to anyone but omg that first image. SOOOOO TRUE. T_T

But yes, it can be a little hard to get into at first but I highly suggest reading the articles on taka-wiki and can always ask any of us fans questions, etc. Keep an eye on the tag for any livestreams if you want to get a glimpse of a show first before you buy any since I know its a lot of money and can be pretty daunting at first but believe me, they’re worth it!

I think its time for another Elisabeth marathon while I bead yes? Yes.